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Publisher description

Torrent Swapper, an open-sourced sociable peer-to-peer file sharing client, facilitates high-speed sharing of large files. Based on the Bit-torrent protocol, Torrent Swapper enables simultaneous downloads from a pre-set download queue / priority. Torrent Swapper includes such options as fast-resume, use of disk cache, setting of speed limits with port mapping proxy, and even includes an IP-filter. Torrent Swapper allows file sharing, depending on mutual agreement as well as web-connectivity between users. However, to install Torrent Swapper, you must first install Python and wxPython.

Torrent Swapper boasts unique features such as User Recommendations of shared files. It nearly doubles download speed by using the upload capacity of ?friends?. Torrent Swapper allows real-time P2P file sharing with P2P video streaming, and even shows the locations of seeders and leeches for the same downloads with city-level accuracy on a world map. As Torrent Swapper is programmed in the cross-platform language Python, it is platform-neutral, i.e. it works on all major operating systems.

Torrent Swapper could falter if you are a Windows Vista user, as it might freeze every five minutes after you start downloading files. This might force you to uninstall and do a system restore regularly, which is very time-consuming and generally inconvenient. Besides, it lacks practical groupings of downloads, while sorting columns in display sometimes get stuck. Last but not least, as it is written in Python, Torrent Swapper is a bit heavy on different computer resources.

Torrent Swapper is an improved interface for peer-to-peer file sharing that is both resource-friendly and feature-rich. It may have even revolutionized P2P with its file recommendation feature, and it even allows you to view the files that have been downloaded by your ?friends?. Torrent Swapper also has a ?torrent web search portal? that enables search for files over the Internet. This platform provides amazing flexibility to users; they are even allowed to add to their friends list.

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